Kosaka is a town that was once prospered as the number one copper mine in the eastern

part of Japan.

Along the “Meiji 100nen Street” you can see series of western style buildings which let you

feel the prosperity at that time.

Playhouse “Korakukan” is also western style building outside, but there is traditional “Kabuki”

stage inside. You can see the show even now through the year.

Next to “Meiji 100nen street” there is Kosaka Railway park.

Kosaka railway was started at 1908 as the important transportation of

copper from Kosaka mine,

But, as the end of copper mine the railway finished its operation at 2009.

After that the station was renovated as entertainment park and now lots of

railway fans come to enjoy old trains,

In the weekend you even can stay at the sleeper trains set out at the station.