The most beautiful village in Japan, Shinjo Village, Okayama Prefecture.It is a town that flourished as the post town of Izumo Kaido in the Edo period.In commemoration of the victory of the Russia-Japanese War, more than 130 cherry blossoms were planted in 1906 and are in the best time of the year.

In this July, along this beautiful cherry blossom avenue new accommodation, “Sugai guest house” will be opened. Renovated over 100 years old folk house, it is a luxurious accommodation for just two groups of guests per night.From the room you can admire the beautiful cherry trees.Meals are served by local chef using seasonal ingredients. You really can have wonderful night here.

You can enjoy the weeping cherry tree along the river even after the cherry blossoms of post are scattered.

After enjoying the cherry blossoms in Shinjo Village, please try to climb the nearby Mt.Kenashiyama. It is about 5 kilometers from the parking to the top.One way is about two hours.From the top you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama including Shinjo village.