Otama village is located at the foot of Mt.Adatara, one of the most famous

mountains in Tohoku area.

From the village we can see nice view of Mt.Adatara throughout the year.

The recommended view point of the mountain and the village is the top of the Mt.Dainakura.

From the parking you can climb up to the summit of Mt.Dainakura in about 40min.

Mt.Adatara from the summit of Mt.Dainakura

From the summit of Mt.Dainakura you can have whole view of Otama village.

You can notice that many houses planted tall trees on the west side.

These trees protect the houses from strong wind from Mt.Adatara.

They call these trees “Igune” in local language.

Another view spot in the village is nature trail of Endo Waterfall.

From the parking you can reach to 2 waterfalls in about 30min.

Map of nature trail at the parking

Enjoy your nice nature trip in Otama village!