Fishing on the ice

In Japan especially in northern part of Japan it is so cold every day. But, thanks to cold weather we can enjoy nice fishing on the ice at Hibara Lake, Kitashiobara village, Fukushima Pref, Of course you can dig the small holes to put the fishing line under the ice by yourself. But, if you are beginner of fishing, you might join the fishing arranged by “Lodge Hibara”. They install special house on the lake in the winter in which you can enjoy fishing in warm condition. To this house they bring you by a sled. For more details please contact “Lodge Hibara”.

Chasing cherry blossoms at the most beautiful villages in Japan

In my previous article I introduced you new travel route to chase autumn leaves of the most beautiful villages in Nagano Pref. Today I would like to let you know that you even can chase cherry blossoms in the spring by going the same route. But, this time you may go from south to north. The first destination is Nakagawa village.(the last destination for autumn leaves). In the spring at Nakagawa village you are recommended to taste sweet cherries. The second destination is Oshika village. In the downtown of Oshika there is a nice park called “Onishi Park” You can enjoy cherry blossoms with mountains covered with snow. The third destination is Takato. Cherry blossom at Takato castle ruin is said to be one of the best three most beautiful cherry blossom spots in Japan. At Takato after cherry blossom is over you can enjoy beautiful roses at the rose garden in the town. The forth destination is Hara village. Cherry blossoms with Mt.Yatsugatake is really so nice. The fifth destination is Takayama village. Every year lots of visitors come here to shoot the picture of big cherry blossom tree with rape flowers. The final destination is Ogawa village which […]

Chasing the autumnal leaves of the most beautiful village of Japan

Introducing the new route of the autumn leaves of the most beautiful village in Japan.The place is Nagano Prefecture.First of all, Takayama village. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "medium" link = "file" ids = "2120, 2117"] The starry sky is also a big tourist resource in High mountain village, about 20km east of Nagano city.If you stay at Yamada Ranch, which is more than 1000 meters altitude, you can enjoy this stardust.It takes about two hours by car from Takayama Village to the South by the expressway and arrives at Haramura, the next destination.In Haramura, surrounded by high mountains, including Yatsugatake, you can enjoy beautiful foliage with snow-covered mountains. [Gallery size = "Medium" ids = "1849, 1847, 1844"] as well as the high mountain village, the starry sky of Hara is also recommended.There are a lot of lovely cottages and pensions in the village. The third destination is Takato (INA city), just an hour's drive from Haramura.Takato Castle Park is famous for its cherry blossoms in the spring, but in fact the leaves are also very beautiful. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "1919, 1921"] when you come to Takato, please enjoy a leisurely wait.In the […]

Koisago Village, “Various ceramic souvenirs and Experience”

Koisago is the northern part of Nakagawa town, Tochigi Pref. and one of the most beautiful villages in Japan. In this village there is ceramic wares called “Koisago-yaki”. You can buy various kinds of ceramic products as souvenirs. At this “Fujita Ceramic Center” you even can try to make your own ceramic wares by yourselves. The experience fee is just ¥2,580 including baking cost. It takes just about an hour to complete your item. For more details and reservation please contact them directly;

Koisago Village, “Growing Natural Forest Museum”

Kousago, the northern part of Nagagawa town, Tochigi Pref. is one of the most beautiful villages in Japan. This area is typical Japanese “Satoyama” where old Japanese culture remains unchanged. About 6 years ago one creator came this village and was impressed with the beautiful forest. She would like to make best use of the forest and made some sculptures using the tree of the forest as it is. These arts were known to other creators, and from that time on other creators come to this forest and make new sculptures every spring. Now the total sum of such sculptures are more than ten. This is growing Satoyama natural museum!  

Hara Village, “360 degree panoramic view with fresh vegetables”

Hara Village. Nagano Pref. is located just aside to Yatsugatake mountain range and famous for growing various kinds of nice vegetables including cabbage, celery and pumpkin. In addition to Yatsugatake mountain range you can enjoy northern Alps, southern Alps and even world heritage Mt.Fuji. The wonderful view is not only daytime. Sunrise, sunset and star at night might surely let you feel that you visit the most beautiful village in Japan.  

Oshika Village, “Tenkuu-no-ike(Pond in the sky high)”

At Oshika Village there is a famous view spot called “Tenkuu-no-ike” (Pond in the sky high). This pond is like a mirror close to the sky. Lots of photographers come to shoot the mysterious view. However, unfortunately the access road to this pond is temporarily closed due to the damage by huge typhoon. At this moment the recovery of the access road may not be finished by the spring, 2019. Please contact Oshika tourist office for the update.

Oshika Village, “Kabuki by village citizens”

Oshika Village, Nagano Pref. is located between South Alps and Central Alps surrounded by high mountains. In the winter only one road is available to go into this village. In this frontier Kabuki performance by local citizens has been continued more than 300 years. Currently the performances are made twice a year at the shrines in the village. The spring performance is on May 3 and the autumn performance is on the 3rd Sunday of October. As you see in the photo lots of audiences come to enjoy Kabuki performance even from cities far from the village. The performances were even made overseas including Germany and Austria. Oshika Kabuki is even designated as “a national selected intangible folk cultural property.”

Maze village, “E-bike tour is now booming here!”

Maze village(now merged into Gero city) is located at Hida region of Gifu pref. Close to the village there is a famous city “Takayama” where lots of foreign travelers visit throughout the year. Recently one tour attracts lots of  foreign travelers at Takayama. That is “E-Bike” tour at Maze village, The tour starts from JR Hida-Hagiwara station. Please take the express train from Takayama station for Nagoya. Then you can arrive at Hida-Hagiwara station at 8:36. At this station the tour guide Mr.Daisuke Seko meets you and the fantastic experience stars from here. After explanation how to ride the bike, you may move to the Suwa shrine which is close to the station. The shrine stands on the Hagiwara Suwa Castle ruin. At the shrine Mr.Daisuke talks about the general information of this area as well as history even over centuries ago. In order to enjoy the tour more the preliminary knowledge about this area might be quite helpful. After the shrine you may walk along the downtown of Hagiwara for a while. After that the tour finally moves forward to Maze Village. The distance is approx. 10km from Hagiwara to Maze village. But, thanks to E-Bike it is not […]

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